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11 Best Wooden Toys to Skip Plastic in Your Playroom

by Sravan Talari 08 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Montessori toys are characterized by their simple designs and use of natural materials. They focus on promoting open-ended play that helps children learn and explore the world around them. These toys are designed to support specific developmental milestones and skills and often focus on one concept, such as shapes or colours. When choosing Montessori toys, look for items that encourage building, interaction, learning, and manipulation, and consider factors such as age-appropriateness, simplicity, function, realism, design, value, and safety.

During the initial two years of life, children undergo a significant period of rapid mental and physical development and are particularly vulnerable to environmental exposures. Wooden toys are an excellent choice for early childhood items as they are durable, long-lasting, and encourage imaginative play without the distractions of lights and batteries found in many plastic toys.

Why consider wooden toys for kids ?

It is ironic that plastic toys, which last many lifetimes in landfills, tend to be far less durable than wooden baby toys. A wooden baby toy set of heirloom quality can be passed down for generations without exposing our children to the toxic chemicals in unsustainable plastic products.

Nurturing love and connection with the natural world in our young ones is one of our most powerful tools to protect this planet we all love. Shopping for sustainability, especially for toys, makes a significant difference to the earth and our health! Choosing organic wooden baby toys is especially important because babies love to explore through touch and taste - it takes more than baby wipes or shampoo to keep them toxin-free! Wooden baby toys also come directly from nature, with all the unique characteristics of the individual tree that made them.

Wooden baby toys are a sustainable and durable alternative to plastic toys. They are made from natural materials and can be passed down for generations. They are also free from the toxic chemicals in many plastics and can help foster a connection to nature in young children. Wooden baby toys are also safer for babies as they are free from sharp edges and corners and are less likely to break.

  1. Play Gym:

This wooden play gym is a baby play mat with various features designed to foster development and growth in children aged 0+ months. It includes 5 Developmental Zones with different activities, four detachable activity toys, and four sets of cards. The product also comes with a Play Guide that provides stage-based tips and activities developed by experts. The Play Space Cover can also transform the play mat into a cosy fort for toddlers. This product is a versatile, multi-functional play mat that is designed to grow and evolve with your child as they develop. The different Developmental Zones and activity toys are intended to provide a range of stimulating and engaging experiences that will encourage exploration and learning. Including a Play Guide with tips and activities developed by experts suggests that this product has been thoughtfully designed to support children's growth and development at different stages. The ability to transform the play mat into a cosy fort for toddlers is also a unique feature that could provide additional imaginative play and exploration opportunities.

  1. Wooden Wild animals:

Animal figurines have always been an all-time favorite for Children. These Wooden wild animal toys look gorgeous, enhance the aesthetics of your child's play space, and offer multiple benefits. These animal figurines are perfect open-ended toys. They inspire creativity and imagination, allowing children to explore their favorite ways. Language development occurs when children are introduced to animal names and discuss each animal. Parents can also guide them take their animal interest further by talking about them

These toys sensorial-ly satisfy a toddler and give them the best tactile experiences. Made from Neem wood, these are the right way for toddlers to explore sensorial. 

Children can develop their creativity, social skills, and imagination with this pretend play set as they create and act out different scenes and stories. It can also be used to instruct children about wildlife and their habitats, as well as to encourage empathy and understanding for other species.

Benefits of Wooden Wild Animals:

  • Aids wrist rotation
  • Support hand-eye coordination
  • Improves cognitive processing

Children can develop their creativity, social skills, and imagination with this pretend play set as they create and act out different scenes and stories. It can also be used to instruct children about wildlife and their habitats, as well as to encourage empathy and understanding for other species.


  1. Wooden ring rattle:

A wooden ring rattle is a type of baby toy with a handle made of wood and several rings attached to the handle and can be shaken to make a rattling noise. The toy is designed to help develop a baby's hand-eye coordination and motor skills and provide auditory stimulation. Wooden ring rattles are often made with natural materials and are safe toys for babies to play with.

  1. Wooden building blocks:

Wooden building sets or building blocks are a type of toy that consists of various wooden pieces, such as blocks, planks, and shapes, that can be used to construct multiple structures and buildings. These toys are intended to aid in the development of fine motor skills, muscle control, visual thinking, and to promote creativity and problem-solving. Wooden building sets or blocks can come in assorted sizes and shapes and can be used by children of all ages. They are often made of natural and safe materials.

  1. Wooden push wagon:

A wooden push wagon, also the traditional wooden toys, is a type of toy that consists of a wooden wagon with a handle attached to the back, allowing children to push the wagon around. The wagon can transport toys, stuffed animals, or other small items. Wooden push wagons are designed to help develop children's gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. They are often made of natural materials and are considered safe for children to play with. Some wooden push wagons can have additional features, such as removable sides for easy loading and unloading, and some can be decorated with bright colours.

  1. Wooden Balance Board:

A wooden balance board is a type of exercise and balance training tool that consists of a flat panel, usually made of wood, and round or cylindrical base supports. The board is designed to be unstable, requiring users to engage their core and leg muscles to maintain balance. Wooden balance boards are often used for physical therapy and rehabilitation to help improve balance, coordination, and proprioception. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also use them to improve their core strength and stability. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs; some come with non-slip surfaces or added features such as adjustable instability or an inflatable ring to make it a more challenging handmade wooden toy.

  1. Wooden tricycle:

A wooden tricycle is a type of toy tricycle typically designed for children and made of wood. Wooden tricycles have three wheels, one at the front and two at the back, and are powered by pedalling. They often have a simple and classic design, with no gears or brakes, and are intended for younger children just learning to ride. They can come with different techniques, some with a simple retro look and others with more detailed, colourful and creative designs. Wooden tricycles are often considered a more durable and sustainable alternative to plastic tricycles. They can be an excellent option for parents who want to provide their children with a traditional, classic toy that can be passed down through generations.


  1. Sensory Sorting Set:

A Wooden Sensory Sorting set is an educational toy with a wooden tray with various shapes, sizes, and textures of wooden blocks or pieces. These sets are designed to help children develop their hand-eye coordination, and shape recognition. They also help children to improve their concentration and problem-solving skills. The wooden blocks can be sorted by shape, size, colour, or texture and are intended to engage children's senses of sight, touch, and sometimes hearing. Wooden Sensory Sorting sets often come with additional features such as lids, carrying handles, or locking mechanisms to make them easy to store and transport. They can be used by children of different age groups and are often made of natural, safe, and durable materials.

  1. Wooden Stacker:

A Wooden Stacker is a type of toy that consists of various wooden blocks or shapes that can be stacked on top of one another. Wooden stackers are often made of natural materials and are considered safe for children to play with.

  1. Learning Tower:

A Wooden Learning Tower is a type of step stool or small platform designed for young children to reach countertops, sinks, and other high surfaces safely. It is usually made of wood and has a stable structure and secure railings to ensure safety. It has a ladder-like design that allows children to climb on and off easily.

The main advantage of a wooden learning tower is that it allows children to participate in activities alongside adults in the kitchen or at a workbench, such as helping to prepare meals or do craft projects. This will enable them to feel included, learn new skills, and develop independence. It also allows them to be at a safe height to do these activities without needing a parent to hold them or lift them. They are also often adjustable in height, making them usable for children of different ages and sizes.

  1. Wooden Alphabet blocks:

Wooden Alphabet Blocks are a type of educational toy that consists of small wooden blocks, each of which has a letter of the alphabet printed on one or more sides. These blocks are designed to help children learn the letters of the alphabet and develop their language and reading skills. Wooden Alphabet Blocks can come in different designs, some have just the notes, others have pictures and letters, or numbers and mathematical symbols.

Advantages of Wooden Toys:

Wooden toys have several advantages and benefits, including:

Natural Resource:

Toys made of plastic are not only bad for the environment during production, but because they are incinerated after use, they release even more toxic fumes into the air. Standard BHT toys may contain phthalates and formaldehyde and are made of standard BHT. Plastic toy paint is hazardous to your health and is unfriendly to the environment. Chemicals like phthalates are added to plastic toys to make them softer and more flexible, while wood is organic, non-toxic, and inherently antibacterial. Additionally, all-natural, water-based dyes are used to colour wooden toys. These toys' glues are certified as E0 (E-Zero) adhesives, one of the safest kinds of glue you could use. 


Children's imaginative and creative play is encouraged by wooden toys. These toys are more commonly used in children's passive-aggressive play. These toys are more frequently passive. Children must therefore participate more when playing, which sparks their imaginations. While plastic toys frequently have a purpose, these so-called open-ended toys have more than one way for kids to play with them, allowing for more creative play. This could involve pressing a button or turning a wheel, which restricts the toy's potential for other imaginative uses.


Playing with wooden toys can reduce anxiety. Research has shown that children experience a more quiet and advantageous quality of play with wooden toys than with any other material (like plastic). Wooden toys are less distracting. They have no sound or flashing lights to distract children who play with them, as plastic toys frequently do. In a room with natural toys, you will find it is quieter, more peaceful, and more inviting, and you will likely find your child calmer because of this.


Wooden toys stimulate children to interact and collaborate with others. They also support a child's cognitive growth by enhancing their thought process, reasoning, and logic. The basic shapes of the toys help the development of your kid's hand-eye coordination. It can help in this area by grabbing and lifting, balancing, and stacking, merging, and categorizing wooden blocks and toys.


Wooden toys are a great alternative to plastic toys as they are eco-friendly, durable, and promote imaginative play. These affordable wooden toys are also non-toxic and safe for children of all ages. Additionally, wooden toys can be passed down from generation to generation and become family heirlooms. However, it is crucial to ensure that the wooden toys are made from sustainable wood sources and that the company producing them has ethical manufacturing practices.

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