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Best Wooden Toys for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers

by Sravan Talari 13 Jan 2023 0 Comments


Toys are regarded as a timeless invention that helps children grow up. India has a long history of making wooden toys dating back to 5000 BC.

The earliest wooden toys came from Africa during the Stone Age (2.9 million years ago) and were simple replicas of everyday objects like clubs, axes, and dolls that were intended to teach children about family and survival skills as well as serve as optional means of entertainment. But today, just like the idea of childhood itself, toys have undergone significant changes throughout history.

Wooden toys for kids are an excellent investment if you want to create an atmosphere for your child that is free of plastic and synthetic materials. Unlike plastic toys, which are not safe for children, wooden toys are made of natural wood and do not contain any harmful dyes. They are durable enough to be passed down from generation to generation, and they're simple enough to encourage creative play without the distracting colors and sounds of plastic toys.

Benefits of Wooden Toys for babies:

  • Environmentally friendly

Wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones because they can be recycled and biodegraded. Instead of stuffing dumpsters with hazardous plastics, you could buy your child toys that are better for the environment.

  • Safe to use

Wood is a safer material to use than plastic or metal because babies like to put everything in their mouths. Cheap plastic toys, in particular, are prone to breaking down quickly, leaving behind tiny pieces and sharp edges that could hurt your child. It is best to give your child wooden toys if you are worried about their safety while playing with their toys.

  • Durability and Longevity

Wood is a durable and environmentally friendly material. Without a doubt, this is the most important argument in favor of choosing wooden toys for infants and young children. As long as they are made of high-quality wood, wooden toys generally last longer than plastic toys. This makes them a fashionable option that can be passed down through the generations and gives a special toy meaning, as opposed to plastic toys, which harm the environment by ending up in landfills much sooner.

It's normal for parents to be in a dilemma when they are trying to decide what toys to buy for their children because of the ample options available. The chosen toy should promote the growth of both mental and physical abilities while also being secure, affordable, and long-lasting. Wooden toys for children are frequently overlooked as plastic toys are widely available and are more appealing.  

With today's market's wide variety of wooden toys, children can further explore the world of play and reap the benefits together! 

Top 5 Wooden Toys for kids in India

  • A wooden yo-yo. 

Our top pick among wooden toys for kids is the wooden yo-yo. This simple yo-yo can keep your kids entertained and away from their smartphones.   

It aids in the development of a great deal of attention, resulting in a greater attention span than other children, as kids would be focusing while interacting with it. 

Handmade from locally sourced ivory wood and painted with eco-friendly water-based paint, these yo-yos are charming and lovely.

  • Wooden Pull Along Toy

 For toddlers who have just begun to walk, wooden pull-along toys can make a wonderful choice. These pull-along toys are ideal for keeping your children active for hours.  

As they pull this wooden pull-along toy, children use spatial awareness to decide where to go, how far to move, and what adjustments they need to make to reach their goal. To help your child develop their language skills, you can teach them directional terms like left and right as you play with them. It helps kids understand where they are in relation to other objects and themselves.

  • Wooden Shape Stackers 


These seemingly understated toys are essential items that will provide hours of fun and entertainment while assisting your baby in several areas of early learning development. From about six months of age, stacking toys (such as rings and cups) aids in children's physical and mental growth. The brightly colored shapes assist the child in registering the colors in his or her mind while playing with them. The fundamental skills learned from stacking toys serve as a foundation for more complex tasks and are appropriate for babies as young as three.

  • Wooden Balance Boards


The beauty of a wooden balance board is that your child can use it however they like; their imagination is the only restriction! There are countless play options, including a bridge, mountain, boat, tunnel, doll's bed, and slide. 

By balancing, climbing, or carrying a balance board within their pretend play, your child will gain better physical development, spatial awareness, and coordination as they practice balance, spatial awareness, and coordination. It's the perfect toy for nourishing your kids' developing bodies, stimulating their minds, and teaching them vital skills - all without them even realizing it! 

Wooden balance boards for kids are the best choices when it comes to making the best long-term investment for open-ended, development-boosting play.

  • Wooden Tricycles


The reasons why most parents buy a wooden tricycle for their children are usually just for fun and fitness, but there are other advantages of tricycles that affect your child's growth and development. With the help of a tricycle, children can ride independently and take full control, developing their motor self-control and self-assurance. Their hand-eye coordination improves as they alternate between ringing bells, dodging obstacles, and taking turns. They are also encouraged to take the initiative to start their own new adventures because they have more control when riding a tricycle.

  • Wooden Teethers


Children frequently keep their toys in their mouths, which may be a safety concern. Wooden teething toys have antibacterial properties that not only make them safe for your child to bite into but also help relieve sore gums. 

  • Wooden Rattles 


One of the earliest toys that stimulate a baby's senses is a rattle. The ideal gift for your child might be a rattle made of wood. By enabling babies to realize and recognize noises, rattles can aid in the development of their attentiveness. The wooden rattle makes a variety of noises as they shake it, beat it, or interact with its rings. These noises can greatly enhance auditory stimulation. As a baby notices the various colors of the rings on a baby rattle, it can also stimulate their visual development. 

  • Wooden Number and Alphabet Puzzles 

The wooden number and alphabet puzzles are one of the top picks. For children who are learning to identify and recognize numbers and are advancing their mathematical abilities, number puzzles are a fantastic educational tool. 

This numerical puzzle will teach kids how to properly connect the pieces, which will help them become better problem solvers. Their ability to recognize patterns and shapes may also benefit from it. The alphabet puzzle serves a similar purpose in helping toddlers develop their vocabulary in a fun way. 

What factors should I consider while buying wooden toys for babies? 

There are many wooden games and toys on the market and online, so you can easily find the ideal toy for your toddler and have a wide selection to choose from. However, there are a few things to consider when buying toys for kids. 

  • Select eco-friendly products. 
  • Your child's safety
  • Usability 
  • A durable and high-quality product 
  • The wood's quality 
  • Cartoon characters or names printed on toys 
  •  Research the toy company 

The best toys for the 0-3 years age group 

0- to 12-Month-Olds 

Your baby can hardly do anything but observe their surroundings for the first three months of life. They see things best when they are bright and have bold patterns because their vision is still blurry. 


As your child gets older, they will appreciate toys that engage their other senses as well.  They require a lot of toys at this age that encourages interaction in a number of different ways. They could be soft and cuddly, squeak or crinkle, have a nubby texture, or be noisy. Toddlers frequently mouth toys, and those with texture can ease teething discomfort. 

The most popular toys include:

  • Brightly colored, patterned mobiles 
  • Rattles 
  • Floor gyms 
  • Activity boards 
  • Soft, washable stuffed animals or dolls in bright colors with a friendly face
  • Small fabric balls with stuffing 

1- to 2-Year-Olds  

Your baby is fascinated by cause-and-effect at this age and will enjoy any toy that uses their developing motor skills and reacts to their actions. Toys that allow children to play music, hit a ball with a hammer, or display characters will be adored at this age. 

When a baby presses a button, some high-tech toys will name a letter, shape, or number. Though they are too young at this age to learn their ABCs, they will enjoy playing with these toys and learning new words. 

ring rattle

The most popular toys include:

  • Wooden stackers
  • Nesting cups or boxes 
  • Hammering sets that allow children to pound pegs or balls through holes 
  • Push- or pull-toys with moving parts, noisemakers, or other interactive features 
  • Simple musical instruments like maracas, tambourines, and drums 
  • Shape sorters 
  • Playful cars, like a fire truck or a school bus 
  • Blocks and puzzles 
  • Bathing toys like ducks, boats, etc. 

2- to 3-Year-Olds 

Your child's play is more intentional now that they have the fine motor skills required to complete a puzzle or build a structure out of blocks independently. They'll begin to take delight in pretend play that mimics the behaviors of those around them. They will also enjoy technological toys that mimic real-world sounds, like talking dolls or phones that ring. 

At this age, children are still very active, and the majority of them still like push-and-pull toys. Additionally, now is a great time to introduce a ride-on toy: Start with a pedal-assist model that your child can manage before progressing to a tricycle or balance bike. 

The most popular toys include: 

  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Toys for pretend play, like a doll stroller, a tea party set, a toy telephone, or a play kitchen 
  • Ride-on toys like tricycles and bikes. 
  • Musical instruments with flashing lights that show kids what keys to press 
  • Puzzles 
  • Construction toys 
  • Large transportation toys with horn honking or siren whistle buttons 

Treehouse Toys:

Check out Treehouse Toys if you're looking for a collection of toys with unique designs that both kids and parents will adore. By choosing treehouse toys, you are taking one more step closer to your child's safety. Our toys are specially crafted using all-natural and certified sustainable neem wood that is safe for your child as well as the planet. 

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