Pink Bunny Cuddle Buddy

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An adorable crochet toy with big floppy ears that your child will instantly love! This plush toy will help them with communication and self expression, hone their sensory skills, and offer emotional security. The toy is made with soft and organic cotton, making it completely safe for your child to play with. It can also be used as blanket when ur little on falls asleep.

A hand-woven baby pink and white crochet bunny with long arms and dangling floppy ears unstuffed lower body to use as a blanket. This toy is made with organic cotton dyed in non-toxic colours.

There are endless ways to play with this cuddly buddy and your child is sure to find a new one every day! Here are a few ways they could use it: - Add a bunny to any game of pretend play. - Build stories around the bunny! You could even use him to do characters while reading and make storytime more interactive and fun. - Let friends bring over their favourite plush toys and have a cuddly buddy play date! - Use it to describe its origin, what they eat which will help your kid get introduced to new concepts - the bunny is also perfect to snuggle up with. It could offer your little one comfort and security during tough transitions or times of stress.

Imagination - Bringing it to life while pretend playing different games will light up your child's imagination. Self-Expression - Thinking of how it would respond in different scenarios will help them get creative and express themselves better. Sensory- The texture, shape, and colours of the toy will hone their sensory skills. Security - cuddly buddy will offer your child emotional security, be it from separation anxiety or the stress of transitioning from a cot to a bed. Curiosity - Your child is sure to have a lot of questions about cuddlybuddy! Get ready to tell them everything you know.

Wash Care: Wash in normal water with mild soap/ detergent. Air Dry naturally.

Pink Bunny Cuddle Buddy

Pink Bunny Cuddle Buddy

Rs. 1,350.00

Pink Bunny Cuddle Buddy

Rs. 1,350.00


How does it benefit my child?

Our Cuddle toys offers several benefits for children, including:
Providing Comfort and Security, Encouraging Self-Soothing, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Enhancing Language Development and Supporting Sleep
Overall, our cuddle toys can be a comforting and beneficial companion for your children, providing emotional support and helping them navigate new and challenging situations.

What type of materials are used in manufacturing this?

Cotton yarn is used in creating these products

Are these hand made and child-safe ?

Yes these are handmade and child-safe products

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